International Online Conference on Journalism in the times of Coronavirus

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The role of a journalist and media as an organization is inevitable in the time of crisis. Along with the government, administrative authorities, security, and medical professionals, the journalists are also making an impact in the spearing awareness and controlling the panic. The entry of social media, the deep penetration of internet and user-generated content overflow often hinder the workflow of a journalist in the time of any crisis in the digital world. Apart from reporting the news, there are wider possibilities and opportunities as well as a threat to information flow. The new business models are coming up and eyes on opportunities. The International Online Conference on Journalism in the times of Coronavirus aims to bring industry leaders and academic experts to discuss and share their insights on the role of media and journalists in cultural, social and political levels during the pandemic.

The conference organized is by New Media Editors Guild Of India and In-Depth Communication is co-hosting the event.
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Conference Schedule
Session I
08:00 PM – 09:20 PM News and Information in the times of Coronavirus Session Chair: Dr. Rahul Dass

08:00 PM – 08:10 PM
Welcome Address

Session Opening Remarks – Dr. Rahul Dass

08:10 PM – 08:20 PM
TV reporting at the time of Coronavirus
Mr. PM Narayanan Chief Producer, German Television

08:20 PM – 08:30 PM
Reporting Coronavirus: Kerala experience
Mr. Vinoy Mathew
Chief Correspondent, Mathrubhumi

08:30 PM – 08:40 PM
Fake News and Coronavirus
Mr. Sunil Prabhakar
Consultant, Online Education, Mathrubhumi

08:40 PM – 08:50 PM
Coronavirus: State media’s role in China’s health diplomacy
Dr. Tilak Jha
Assistant Professor, Bennett University

08:50 PM – 09:00 PM
Solutions Journalism in the time of Coronavirus
Prof. Vidya Deshpande
Associate Professor, Times School of Media, Bennett University

09:00 PM – 09:10 PM
Sports Media and Coronavirus
Prof. Malvika Sagar
Assistant Professor, School of Communication, Amity University

09:10 PM – 09: 30 PM
Discussion and Session Wind Up

Session II 09:30 PM – 11:00 PM Crornavirus and Daily Life: Beyond News and Information
Session Chair: Prof. Vidya Deshpande

09:30 PM – 09:40 PM
Session Opening Remarks – Prof. Vidya Deshpande

09:40 PM – 09:50 PM
Role of technology during the Coronavirus crisis
Prof. Joseph John Nalloor
Murdoch University

09:50 PM – 10:00 PM
Data Storytelling in times of Coronavirus
Prof. Shajan C Kumar
Assistant Professor, Times School of Media, Bennett University

10:00 PM – 10:10 PM
Impact on culture during the pandemic
Prof. Malavika Vettath
Senior Journalist and Visiting Faculty, Curtin University

10:10 PM – 10:20 PM
Coronavirus and how health became a casualty of protracted conflict in Kashmir
Ms. Asha Khosa
Senior Journalist

10:20 PM – 10:30 PM
Impact of Coronavirus on Education
Dr. Rahul Dass
Assistant Professor, Times School of Media, Bennett University

10:30 PM – 10:40 PM
Documenting Coronavirus – Daily Life and Reality
Dr. Nithin Kalorth
Assistant Professor, Times School of Media, Bennett University

10:40 PM – 10:50 PM
Storytelling in Pandemic days: Redefining digital spaces
Prof. Aswanth G Krishnan
Assistant Professor, Jain University

10:50 PM – 11:00 PM
Discussion and Session Wind Up
Concluding Note and Vote of Thanks – Prof. Vidya Deshpande