Essays on Banking, Finance and Accounting

The edited volume Essays on Banking, Finance and Accounting is an effort made by Dr Asha E Thomas, Bichu S Nair to bring selected papers presented at International Conference on Banking, Accounting, and Finance organized by St. Paul’s College on 25th and 26th of September 2023.

ISBN: 978-81-946971-3-8

Along with edited volume, a book of Conference Proceedings and Abstract – ICBFA 2023 edited by Dr Asha E Thomas, Bichu S Nair.

ISBN 978-81-946971-4-5

About the book:

Recently several noteworthy patterns were noted in the international financial markets. The global response to the COVID-19 epidemic, which at first caused increased volatility and disruptions across a variety of asset classes, was one important subject. In order to stabilise economies, central banks were crucial in enacting accommodating monetary policies, such as close to zero interest rates and extensive asset acquisition programmes. Investment decisions were also impacted by the growing interest in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations, with a focus on sustainable and ethical investing. Furthermore, the emergence of digital currencies, particularly cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin attracted a lot of attention and sparked debates about how they should fit into the established financial system. Geopolitical tensions and trade uncertainty between major economies, such as the United States and China, further affected market dynamics. The Indian financial market has also been exhibiting a number of significant patterns. Amidst the obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been employing diverse monetary measures to facilitate economic recovery. Retail engagement in the market surged, especially in the stock markets, as a result of greater accessibility via digital platforms. In addition, in an effort to increase investor confidence and draw in capital inflows, the Indian government has been implementing economic reforms, including as privatisation programmes and adjustments to FDI regulations. There were some difficulties facing the non-banking financial industry, including worries over asset quality and liquidity. With advancements in digital payments and financial technology solutions, the fintech industry kept growing. Understanding the most recent developments in Banking, Finance and Accounting is not only a matter of knowledge in an era characterised by quick changes and shifting paradigms, but it is also essential for negotiating the intricacies of the contemporary corporate environment. This book is a beacon of guidance, providing readers with a deep understanding of the state of the economy today, technological innovations, and the forces of transformation reshaping sectors around the globe.

Table of Contents

Message from Vice Chancellor

Message from Principal

Note from Editor

Chapter 1: Sustainable Investing as A Catalyst for Environmental and Social Stability.
Dr. M C Dileep Kumar
Former Vice Chancellor, Sree Sankara University of Sanskrit Kalady and
Kalamandalam Deemed to be University (Full Paper)

Chapter 2: The Influence of Emotional Intelligence And Resilience Among Teachers of Self-Financing Colleges in Kerala
Pallavi Abraham and Dr. Babu Michael
SB College (Full Paper)

Chapter 3: India’s Booming Gig Economy: An Overview on Opportunities and Challenges
Reshma Mathew and Dr. Sajoy P.B
Sacred Heart College (Full Paper)

Chapter 4: A Study on Customer Satisfaction in Hotel Industry with Special Reference to Four Points by Sheralton –KOCHI INFOPARK
Linda Shiffy K. A and Dr. K. Lakshmi Priya
Karunya Institute of Technology and Science (Full Paper)

Chapter 5: Green bonds as Climate Finance tools: A comparative analysis of Developed and Developing Countries
Jismi Treesa P J
KMM College
Nify Francis
MES T.O Abdulla Memorial College
(Full Paper)

Chapter 6: Exploring the Key Human Resource Management Practices Affecting Employee Retention in West Bengal’s FHRAI Hotels
Abhijit Ghosh and Dr. Reena Sharma
GD Goenka University (Full Paper)

Chapter 7: A Study on Corporate Social Responsibility in Emerging Economies: Challenges and Opportunities for Local and Global Businesses
Sangeetha.G and Harshitha. M
Sitadevi Ratanchand Nahar Adarsh College, Bangalore (Full Paper)

Chapter 8: Investigating the Impact of Consumer Ethnocentrism and Brand Preferences among Working Women
Dr. Juby Thomas and Preetha Thomas
Saintgits College of Applied Sciences (Full Paper)

Chapter 9: A Study on The Role of Discount Brokers in Boosting Public Interest in The Stock Market
Aswathi T K, Alicia Treasa Paiva, Sona Sebastian
St. Albert’s College (Full Paper)

Chapter 10: 50 years of Artisanal Entrepreneurship: A detailed Literature Study
Sindhu Chauhan
Usha Martin University, Ranchi (Full Paper)

Chapter 11: A Study on the Saving and Investment Pattern of Private College Teachers with Special Reference to Ernakulam City
Simi Xavier
S.A.M College of Education (Full Paper)

Chapter 12: A Study on Digital Payment Transformation Present and Future: Special Reference to India
Kowshik. S and Harshitha. M
Bengaluru City University (Full Paper)

Chapter 13: Customer Attitude: A Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Sector Banks in Punjab
Rupali Gupta
Punjab Agricultural University (Full Paper)

Chapter 14: The Role of Social Support in Stress Management among College Students
Gipsa George and Meenakshi Ullas
St Berchmans College (Full Paper)

Chapter 15: A Study on the Significance of Social Media in Agricultural Commodity Market

Soundarya College of Law (Full Paper)

Chapter 16: Green Logistics for sustainable development
Tanu John and Siya Sebastian
St. Pauls College, Kalamassery (Full Paper)

Chapter 17: Performance Evaluation of Mutual Fund Schemes and Investor Risk Perception
Sajin Chris Antony
SCMS Cochin School of Business (Full Paper)

Chapter 18: Impact of Antecedents of Purchase Decisions on Consumer Actual Buying Behaviour of Organic Food Products
Bichu S Nair
St Paul’s College (Full Paper)