Courses at C.A.M.E.R.A

School of Film and Photography

Certificate in Filmmaking    (2 Years)

Certificate in Script Writing  (1 Year)

Certificate in Film Editing      (1 Year)       

Certificate in Film Direction    (1 Year)

Certificate in Cinematography  (1 Year)

Certificate in Digital Photography  (1 Year)

Online Course in Script Writing (3 Months)

Online Course in Video Editing (3 Months)

Online Course in Video Production and Editing (3 Months)

School of Television Journalism

Certificate in Anchoring and Reporting  (1 Year)

Online Course in Anchoring and Reporting (3 Months)

Online Course in Graphic Designing (3 Months)

Online Course in 2D and 3D Animation (3 Months)

School of Research and Content

Certificate in Content Writing  (1 Year)

Certificate in Media Research   (1 Year)

Certificate in Social Media Marketing  (6 Months)

Online Course in Content Writing (3 Months)

School of Mobile Media

Certificate in Mobile Filmmaking  (1 Year)

Certificate in Mobile Storytelling (1 Year)

Certificate in Mobile Journalism  (1 Year)

Online Course in Mobile Photography (3 Months)

Online Course in Mobile Storytelling (3 Months)

Online Course in Mobile Documentary (3 Months)

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